1 Month SNOO Rental

SNOO Rental: $285

2 Way Delivery: $85

Rent 1 Month

Try out the SNOO for a month first. If your baby likes it, you can convert to our 3 months package at only $210/mth for the 2nd and 3rd month.

3 Months SNOO Rental

SNOO Rental: $210 monthly

2 Way Delivery Fees: Waived

Rent 3 Months

Get the best rate possible for mere dollars a day for the SNOO. Should you wish to continue renting it for 4th-6th month (max), it will be only $100 per month additional.

Each SNOO Rental Comes With

  • Organic Cotton Sheet

    A reusable SNOO mattress sheet made of GOTS certified organic cotton.

  • Sacks

    3 reusable SNOO Sacks (S,M,L) made with organic cotton to cater for your baby's growth size.

  • Assembly and Tutorial

    Installation of the SNOO followed by a quick tutorial by us to ensure you get started immediately with ease.

Frequently Asked Questions

SNOO Smart Sleeper Bassinet Rental

How to book a SNOO for rental?

Simply log on to our website @ snoomama.com.

Select 1 or 3 months package and proceed to cart out.

Please indicate your preferred delivery date. (up to 90 days in advance)

Once we have received your order, we will send you a message to confirm.

Now just wait for us to deliver the SNOO to you.

How do you clean the SNOO Bassinet for rental?

We cleanse the SNOO mesh with baby-friendly fabric cleaner.

Vacuuming the inner mesh areas.

Final wipe down of entire bassinet structure with cleaner & disinfectant.

We test the operation as well as the mechanicals to ensure optimal working conditions.

We conduct a final visual inspection before despatch.

How do you clean the SNOO Sacks and mattress covers for rental?

We hand wash the SNOO sacks and mattress cover using baby-friendly laundry detergent.

We handle the SNOO sacks with care and ensure they are in good condition to be used.

What is provided in SNOO Rental?

For 1 month SNOO rental, it comes with
- 1 x Mattress Cover
- 1 set of SNOO Sacks (S,M,L)

For 3 months SNOO rental, it comes with
- 1 x Mattress Cover
- 1 set of SNOO Sacks (S,M,L)

Do I need to assemble the SNOO by myself?

No worries! We deliver and assemble the SNOO for you.

After setting it up, we will run through the instructions booklet and guide you through your SNOO journey.

Do I need to wash the SNOO Sacks and mattress cover before returning?

Not necessary, you can just return us and we will wash them through our own sanitisation process.

How long can I rent the SNOO for?

You can rent it for up to 6 months, as SNOO is only recommended from birth till 6 months old (or when baby is able to get on hands and legs).